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This is English translation of this page: https://www.varnalab.org/about

What is VarnaLab

VarnaLab is an independent physical space developed and used by people having common interests (usually in the IT sphere, machines, technologies, science and digital or electronic arts) where they could meet. communicate and collaborate with each other. VarnaLab is a member of the hackerpsaces.org network and according to their Wiki page there are 1600 similar spaces worldwide, 5-6 of them and in Bulgaria and could be seen in "The list of hackerspaces in Bulgaria".

The mission of VarnaLab

VarnaLab's mission is to be an independent physical place for sharing knowledge, ideas and technologies and also helping the society with:

  • training
  • workshops
  • teaching
  • events
  • games
  • shared workspace
  • hacking :P
  • many others

What VarnaLab is not?

  • it is not a company
  • it is not a product
  • it is not a profit organization

May I visit VarnaLab?

Everybody could visit VarnaLab when the place is open. This means workdays after 10:00 AM and weekends after 11:00 AM when usually there are people in the space (with a few exceptions). Just check the "Who is online" page to be sure.

Who is managing VarnaLab?

There is no single person that manages VarnaLab. It is managed by its members and all decisions are taken after voting between them.

What kind of people could I meet in VarnaLab?

  • Geeks
  • Nerds
  • IT professionals
  • Photographers
  • Students
  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Gamers
  • many more

How could I join VarnaLab and how could I contribute to its evolution?

By paying membership fee, donations or actively participating in all activities, for example:

  • events/initiatives organisation
  • popularizing

If you want to become a member of VarnaLab first make sure you're familiar with our "Code of Conduct". If you share the vision of VarnaLab then print and fill the "Membership form" and leave it to someone in the space. You could find printed copies of the "Code of Conduct" and "Membership form" in the lab.

Please write us if you have more ideas.

How could I pay the membership fee?

Got to page "Donations" then in section "Membership fees" you will find more info how to help VarnaLab.

How much is the membership fee?

It depends on you how much you could help with. There is no minimum or maximum fee. Usually it is between 10 and 50 lv.

What are the membership fees spent for?

They're paying the bills and for evolving the organisation.

Can I organize an event in VarnaLab?

Yes, everybody could organize an event in VarnaLab.

How to create an event?

  1. Check for a free date in our "Events Calendar".
  2. Write us in Facebook or in any other suitable for you communication channel (you could find them on the "Contacts" page).
  3. For more info please check the "How to organize an event" page in our Wiki.